Shortbread, Ice Creams and Brigadeiro

A photo tribute to what I’ve been whipping up these past few weeks:

I love Martha Stewart. So it was only natural that I made adapted Valentine’s Day  shortbread from her website. Since Cornell’s beloved Dairy Bar has closed up shop for renovations, I’ve also been on an ice cream making binge in preparation for the warmer weather. Newly designed flavors include chocolate cinnamon orange zest and  mint dark chocolate chip ice creams, courtesy of my Cuisine Art ice cream maker that I hauled up from Washingon, D.C.

Brigadeiro, Brazilian sweets which my roommates have likened to “Tootsie rolls- only much better”- have made their debut this February. It combines 3 easy ingredients (sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter), melted and whisked in a saucepan, rolled up into little balls and seated in mini-muffin liners. I hope to break away from my sweet-tooth recipes and graduate into savory foods these upcoming weeks- my roommates would appreciate it.

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