Locolat: DC’s Belgian Bistro

Locolat: Belgian beers & rosewater, chocolate and pistachio macaroons.

Sometimes, I like to go to ethnic theme restaurants and cafés and pretend I am in that respective country. While so many recent graduates like myself were off on fabulous Euro-trips, sexy South American getaways, or exciting Outback adventures, I-Of-No-Money decided I could get a literal and figurative taste of Europe myself. Belgium, specifically.

Locolat, a small Belgian-DC café off of Florida Ave., stuffed with truffles, chocolates and macaroons, oh my! They bake apple, orange and pear tarts-a-plenty, almond cake made with Grootmoeders Koffie espresso, variations on the croissants, iconic danishes, expensive-but-worth-it truffles, and more dizzying cakes and sweets.

I embraced a well-made cappuccino ( hard to come by in DC- if you know where to get an even better one, please let me know) and a dainty plate filled with macaroons.  The rose-water macaroon quietly perfumed my tongue and I should have most likely saved it as a palate cleanser, but of course I ate it first. The chocolate macaroon, was soft, and none too overpowering- macaroons, I believe, are all about sweet subtlety, a whisper or linger of a taste ( which compels one to eat more which is why they come by the box-full). Lastly, the pistachio macaroon, a light nutty bite, perfect with cappuccino.

Locolat carries a wide arm of Belgian beers as well: typical Stella Artois, but unusual and unknown types such as Leffe Brune and Blonde, Duvel, Brugse Zot, Delirium Tremens, Kasteel Donker & Rouge and Hoegaarden, to name a few.

I left Locolat wanting to come back- not only to my brief reverie of pretending I was abroad like everyone else- but also to try an unusual menu item- an ice cream beer float.

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