Limited Edition: Salt & Chocolate Pretzel Cupcake @ Red Velvet Cupcakery

The ever highly underrated Red Velvet Cupcakery pleases again with their limited edition Salt & Chocolate Pretzel cupcake for Valentine’s Day. Because love is not sweet- it is also salty.

 Red Velvet’s latest cupcake takes a classic, chocolate and pretzels, and combines them to form the perfect cupcake duality of sweet and salty, without being overly excessive in either category. The frosting-to-cake-ratio is dead on- an important element in a cupcake, one in which Georgetown Cupcakes consistently loses in. No other bells and whistles, just good ingredients in edible amounts- a mound of  Valrhona chocolate frosting sits atop a throne of moist, golden brown, aromatic  pretzel flavored cake,  sprinkled with large crystals of Maldon sea salt, accessorized with a small chocolate dipped pretzel.

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