Think Pink

Why do women, most notibly, like macarons so much? They are trendy, like cupcakes, cute, sweet, delicate. It is more than food- it is a fashion statment- like those that carry around Staburcks disposable coffee cups, weatning them like a proud badge. But from a cooking perspective, you can do so much in terms of flavors and creativity.

 Ladurée, the famous  macaron salon de thé in Paris ( and now in New York)stock piles a cache of jewel-like macarons in traditional and unusual flavors, such as the Black Forest Macaron ( picture above), a mahogany shelled chocolate ganache created stuffed with cherry jam and cherry Kirsch. Macarons can be any flavor you dream of, from pear & chesnut, chocolate milk, coffee, rose, liquorice, lemon, vanilla, orange blossom, black currant violet, pistachio, raspberry, caramel with salted butter. Ladurée even  paired up with Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato to create a delicate pink macaron, with a feathery cream filling reminescent of cherry blossoms for their 150th anniversary celebration.

I-Heart-Baking at blogspot takes the creative dive and creates these adorable Hello Kitty Macarons– I Heart Baking totally understands the creativity that macarons can provoke.


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