Blueberry breakfast cobbler

blueberry cobbler up close

Blueberry breakfast cobbler

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Enter the Fair

Chef Cathal Armstrong’s wine bar and market, Society Fair, is my fantasy food trip down the rabbit hole of “epicurean delights.”

“Love thy Butcher.” From fish to fowl, the butchery at Society Fair has nearly every meat  product one can imagine- even those that can make most of us a little queasy: whole chickens, eggs,  organic turkey, squab and quail, antelope and boar, suckling pig and goat, cooking fats such as duck, lard, clarified butte, head cheese, blood sausage,  and of course, innards and offal ( liver, tripe, kidneys, brain)

“Curds and whey, toe of Gummy Frog – you never know what magic you might find at the Society Fair Market.”  The market features homemade cheeses, pickles, curds, yoghurt and puff pastries, as well as sandwiches made to order like the Andouille sausage with etouffee on potato roll or lamb shoulder with lemon yoghurt and spinach on flatbread.

“Fairy cakes and donuts…”  Baguettes, ciabatta, challah, foccacia, nicoise sour olive, Old Town sour, potato rosemary, fresh hot chocolate, almond and cheese croissants, naan, bagels….more and more and more still. Fluffy cakes and sweet treats come from the Majestic and Restaurant Eve. Below is a recipe for buttermilk tarts, created by Society Fair’s own, Nathan Hatfield.

“Baguette in hand, stroll over to our wine bar…” and meet the “Big Bad”…cheese of course, which is a board composed of meat, cheese and other SF favorite nibbles. “The Cheese Touch” for those in a cheesier mood unites a selection of  cow, goat, sheep, blue and…stinky? And zee wine. The Bodegas Pujanza Rioja from Laguardia, Spain off the wine menu immediately caught my eye:  sweet-n-sour cherry,cranberry,mushrooms,roasted chestnuts,modern, and claret-esque. And with 120 win selections, there is certainly room for other winners.

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The Smile, Bubby’s + Ej’s

Manouri cheese + fig preserve on sourdough, foam art and smiles.

Bar @ The Smile

Brunch @ Bubby's

Home made baked goods basket: seasonal fruit turnover, ginger bread, cinnamon sticky bun + blueberry corn muffin.

huevos rancheros al estilo de Bubby's

Red velvet pancakes at EJ's.


To my dining partners in crime ( A, D, M, J & O).  I miss eating with you in NYC.

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Quiche Me Please!

Quiche are merry, oven-baked, open pie dishes of eggs and cream, wrapped snugly in a flaky pastry crust. Other ingredients, such as spinach, famously known as quiche florentine, or ham and cheese a la quiche lorraine, are often added. The crust is usually blind baked, but, as I lack the patience to do this, I skipped this fancy step and like the best Johnny Cut-Corners out there, I used phylo dough, roughly pressed into a tart dish.

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