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Coffee moments

Cappuccino courtesy of Alex R. Travers

vogue katy perry and cappucino

Filter House

One of many random elephants hidden all over D.C.

Pour Over Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo
Fruit & Floral Aromatics of Strawberry, Orange Blossom and
Apricot Vivid Acidity, Creamy Body, with a Lingering Finish.

Kenya AA Kaguyu Estate
Intense Fruit Aromatics of Currant Berries & Black Tea
Balance Citric Acidity.

Brasil Cerrado Gold
Rich Cocoa Aromatics, Caramel Sweetness Medium Bodied
with a Mellow Acidity.

Guatemala Finca La Soledad
Caramel, Vanilla and Floral Aromatics Notes of Chocolate
and Orange-like Acidity.

Peru La Florida
Complex and Rich Aroma with Cinnamon Notes Chocolatey
Cup with Hints of Almond.

Sumatra Lingtong Wahana Estate
Strawberry Jam Aromatics In the Cup Notes of Chocolate and
Black Currant with a Creamy Full Body.

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Coffee, chicory + drip art

Coffe with chicory, the root from the endive plant.

"Must have coffee" - made from drip coffee

"Exhilaration", coffee art.

Coffee and chicory was developed by the French during their civil war as coffee was very scare. Adding chicory made the sludge that was coffee then nearly palatable- much more in fact. Chicory softened the bitter edge to the coffee,  added body, flavor and an almost chocolate taste to the coffee. The Café Du Monde coffee and chicory is traditionally served au lait (mixed half and half with hot milk).