Skinny Bitch’s Vegan Challenge

If the Arlington Food Assistance Center Hunger Challenge is my food Iron Man, then co-author of the Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman’s vegan SNAP food challenge is my pre-marathon training.


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Food Diary

*This is a post from my 2009-2010 blog I kept while abroad in Spain…as we are well into “cutting season” and giving up all sorts of things for Lent, I thought this post reflect so well what many of us may be feeling right now. 

Among other cultural differences between Spain and America, the most difficult one for me to get accustomed to is the time of day to eat. Generally, the Spanish take 5 small meals a day: a very light breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, a mid afternoon/evening snack, and dinner at a time when most of us are ready for bed. Below is my general thought process surrounding food:

11:30 AM

My stomach is rumbling. The cup of coffee and sobao, a lightly sweetened Spanish breakfast bread, I had at 8 in the morning are long gone. Breakfast in Spain is very light, consisting of little more than coffee and a pastry. In America, I would definitely fill up on scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, and some fruit to go.  Lunch, at its earliest, is at 2 PM. How am I going to concentrate in class when my stomach is participating in our discussion more than my mouth?

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